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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Home from the pond. A photograph by Edward S. Curtis, circa 1905, drove this thought.

warm pool
in this spring stream rage
dream's maid


Dalloway said...

a wonderful way to get clean!

Devika said...

ha! good one Magyar :)


Frank Williams said...

This haiku has surreal quality to it. A lot to think about - nice one

John McDonald said...

enjoyed this M

Lorraine said...

I adore this, what a mood, I'm speechless

RBroeker said...

Ohlala, I remember a movie like this (or two, three, four ...). But none got so expressive to the point. I love the change of "dream's maid" when it is spoken loud, _m.

Best wishes

Magyar said...

_If you'd care to google Edward S. Curtis, and his photo 'Maid of Dreams,' I'm sure you'll all sense that innocous dream pictured there.
_I thank you all. _m

RBroeker said...

Innocuous? Well, _m, some won't see it this way - and x-rate this dream. On the other hand they would allow small arms of course for everybody (to stop visual attacks like this) and a little murder in the children's TV (as long as the dead woman is dressed).

Back to some sort of seriousness: Curtis' picture won't find a clue to my dreams. But your haiku is a subtile erotic one to me (what tells more about me, I know ;-).

Best wishes

Janice Thomson said...

I like what is left to the imagination...wonderful Magyar!