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Sunday, July 12, 2009

...and the rain persists

my schooner
sails an empty wind
the reef


RBroeker said...

Many layers in this, _m.

A maritime Haiku with a special eye on the rigging? Or a warning that there are cliffy rocks in the water? "Sails an empty wind" - this makes me wonder: a lull in the wind is so much clearer. There is a reason for this term. A story about loosing energy?

Good one!

Best wishes

Devika said...

yes, it says much...please send some rains here, Magyar :)

when is wind full, i wonder...air is seldom dusty in that area,


Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

I agree there are layers to this. Emotionally I feel sadness and a longing.

Love pieces that draw out my emotions. Seems to me too many write without emotions today.


Magyar said...

Self pity, perhaps.
My mind, the schooner,
... 'thoughtless;'
an empty wind,
... 'without inspiration;'
heading for
... 'the reef.'
_Some refer to this as writers block. With me, that 'bloc' goes to sadder things, -yet- this is NOT my overall view of life.

Devika said...

Understand Magyar..
sometimes i get too logical, dissecting phrases, words..

poetry appreciation occurs in different levels, may be...I have known your views for quite some time and I know Magyar :)


Lorraine said...

and Yet you created a beautiful image, strong yet soft and lovely..despite all

Gillena Cox said...

i hesitated and pondered at the 'empty wind' thinking that the wind was not enough of an inspiration for the writer whose eyes are on the reef not knowing what adventure lies ahead making this focus his point of interest
much love

nora said...

I like it, Magyar. Multi-layered and many splendored. Bravo.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I wish it would rain here. :)

Tikkis said...

hmmmn,,, sails means also sailing using an engine ...

Reef are dangerous places.
Better not to pass the reefs during it's stormy ...

wind = mind.

So much all kind of thoughts I got...

Dalloway said...

this is great... I like it alot... the comments are a good read too