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Friday, December 11, 2009

From last season's scribbled notes; a sleigh?

mulled cider...
along this path of snow
a stone wall


Kristin Riggs said...

Mulled favorite fragrance in the winter! :) This is just lovely, _m!!! (Also...thank you for your sweet comment on my last one...very much appreciated, friend!)

Devika said...

Mulled cider -- i had to look up, Magyar....I have the recipe: )
anyway, like the wintry haiku! :)


Magyar said...

Hey DEV,
__An interesting occurrence
this past week: at a local store, run by a nice family from India, I've had the oportunity to learn a few Hindi words of 'greetings,' they appreciate my interest.
__Two interesting things; 1, they have begun to call me "Deveji" (but they wont translate[?]); 2, the obvious DEV; 3, DEV, what does Deveji mean?

Gillena Cox said...

had to google up 'mulled cider' Mulled cider gets its name from the definition of mull, which means to flavor a beverage by heating it and adding spices. Frequently, mulled cider also includes either slices or the zest of citrus fruits like oranges. Generally, mulled cider is served hot, though one can buy spiced cider. In fact, if one has little time, warming spiced cider to make mulled cider is an excellent shortcut

much love

joo said...

I can almost smell it and hear snow under my feet!
Really nice haiku.
By the way, I must try mulled cider - so far I've always had wine:)

Lorraine said...

Old word charm, all of it ;)

Frank Williams said...

A lovely seasonal haiku - the warmth and fragrance of the mulled cider contrasted with the snow work in an elegant way...

Timoteo said...

Love it. Winter provides such a rich tapestry of images !