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Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Cinquain of the moment, left as a comment at Talon's blog... here, slightly altered. _m

a silence ends
the bellow of this day
we travel to that quiet realm


Devika said...

very nice, Magyar...Quiet realm, works well with silent sunsets :)


Devika said...

Oh you said...silence ends...still, love the quietness :)


Talon said...

This is lovely, Magyar. "the bellow of this day" - that's such a wonderful description. I love how this can be interpretated several ways and not only in relation to death. Beautiful writing, as always.

Anonymous said...

This has such a peaceful quality to it. Very soothing.

joo said...

How nice! Quiet is something welcome here:)

Frank Williams said...

What a super end to the day Magyar. Beautifully expressed in words...

Timoteo said...

"the bellow of this day"...anybody who has a demanding boss knows just what this line means!

Kristin Riggs said...

Oh WEEK has bellowed...and I am ready to visit that quiet realm this weekend. Beautifully stated and so easy to relate to this. Love it, Doug (trying this first name thing...ha ha) ;)


Tikkis said...

I didn't manage to find enough words for a cinquain now, but what about this troisuain ?-)

the moon rising
behind the silent horizon --
a white noise

or perhaps just done with the scissors:

rising moon
behind a silent
horizon ...
this white

Lorraine said...

as welcomed as this beuatiful prose )

Gillena Cox said...

beautifully worded cinquain

much love

Anonymous said...

My first thought was that this is sad. But it isn't is it? I see it now as serenity and peace, and it's lovely.

Magyar said...

__I sincerly thank you all, my friends, and I welcome...both Sandy and Kate! _m

John McDonald said...

yes excellent one M

RBroeker said...

The many layers of realm make me travel through many pictures. Thanks for that!

Best wishes

Dianne said...

I love the bellow of this day.