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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

__Not a hawk, but a hawk came quickly to mind. Sometimes hawks seem to crawl through the air rather than fly, thus... from a photo at Devica's blog of 2/21/10, Moonlight. _m

crawls above a blooming moon
this air rises


Devika said...

Intriguing inspiration there, Magyar!

hawks -- i see them as roaming in the air, sometimes floating....never did i think of them as crawling :)

anyway, nice to post resulted in another fine haiku :)


Talon said...

Interesting - the idea that hawks are crawling through the air. Lately, all the hawks I've spied have been perched. Blooming moon - how evocative a phrase!

Magyar said...

__Yes, Dev, hawks rise on the air, floating, their wings spread and then with flicks of the tail and wing movements, slight -changes- are made. The odd me... sees those changes as their 'crawl.'
__Talon, blooming moon, the moon when things begin to bloom, a kigo. But then, a moon can 'bloom' in and of itself, cant it? Some
would say this 'word trick' means this isn't haiku... . Oh well!
__Best wishes to you both, and I thank you, and please excuse me for this rambling answer! _m

Devika said...

Oh! so close an observation :)


Lorraine said...

Oh I love shivers, and freedom...

Timoteo said...

Midnight birds
And from two of my favorite poets
The most touching of words

Talon said...

Even if that does not make this a true haiku, it's still beautiful poetry and gorgeous imagery.

Sam!! said...

Interesting..nice thoughts.. :))

Take care

BlueJayEye said...

smooth, i can visualize a nighthawk cruising away the freedom of the darkness - very evocative...M

Crafty Green Poet said...

that's an interesting one, but you're right, for a bird that can fly so fast it can seem to crawl...

Magyar said...

Hi Juliet,
__I truely thank you for your visit, and I'm greatful to you all... for your thoughtful comments!_m