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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

__One of the charmers of our summer pond-life, the chipmunks, always provide evidence of their surprising intellect, and leave us... smiling at their antics. But one fellow last summer, failed to solve this 'carry away' dilemma... the 'stuffing' of his cheeks. (chips?)

a chipmunk
fails to run off with his prize
this potato chip


Cindybrown said...

That was so sweet! Nicley done :)

bonequinhoda bic said...

HAHAHA, It must be wonderful to see chipmunks in the wild.
These aren´t a native species over here.
I really also love your descriptions of the Hummingbirds, that´s a little bird i never saw in nature only from Tv and photos.

TALON said...

Loved it! And love chipmunks! They are pretty clever creatures.

John McDonald said...

well caught (I love them I remember seeing them running around the old mining town of Calico)

Lorraine said...

I love this...poor dear, I'll keep it safe somewhere for him, do tell what flavour, I love the fries and gravy, it's delish

joo said...

Well, this time I have to confess that have no clue what chipmunks is (I mean, I know that it's an animal, even know its Polish name, but haven't seen it!), but even thoug love your poem:)

Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,

wieder toll gelungen dieses gefällt mir sehr, sehr, sehr...

herzlichst, Rachel

Magyar said...

__Kathy and I favor the chipmunks at our pond. We leave a dish of sunflower seeds, and the little rascals stuff their cheeks full, run off to their underground lair and add the seeds to their 'winter cache.'
__Last summer, with an empty dish, this little guy decided on a vagrant potato chip, but when he tried to stuff it into his cheek, the 'tater chip just crumbled... twice. After the cost of our laughter, I filled the seed dish.
__Thanks, friends! _m

Crafty Green Poet said...

how cute, I remember the chipmunks from my long ago visit to California, such lovely animals