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Sunday, April 4, 2010

So often, in spite of our carelessness, nature overcomes... .

green sprout
bursts through this plastic bag
a new flower


Margie said...

Wonderful haiku.
I do love this one!

Margie :)

TALON said...

I'm always saddened by littering, but always impressed by nature's ability to make the best out of a bad situation.

Lorraine said...

oh the wonder of nature, this is fantastic Doug, wow

joo said...

New flower! I can't wait to see one:)

Anonymous said...

Plants are immortal. This ku gives an impression.
Best wishes

Gillena Cox said...

enjoy the newness of spring and be renewed in the Season of Easter; wishing all the best

much love

bonequinhoda bic said...

A new flower indeed.
This one is one of my favourites !
Very simple, yet it triggers the mind.
Thank you for sharing my friend.

Magyar said...
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Magyar said...

__I thank you all, my friends!