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Sunday, June 6, 2010

__In, and beyond these rapid and incalculable changes that erode what we once knew, I admire the changeless. I'm privileged... to have been able to watch the Catbird hatchlings change, in that changeless scheme of creation; today I smiled broadly at this sight... an empty nest.

a change
the catbirds take to wing


TALON said...

It's neat that something that isn't there can bring such joy :)

The circles of life are always reaffirming, aren't they? Beautiful haiku, Magyar.

Dianne said...

Thank you for the preface. I have been thinking about change and devastation, but not writing much.
My muse is on my blog now.

Kristin Riggs said...

I love this, Doug. Reading of your broad smile brought one to my face as well! I've missed reading your work. It's SO good to be back!

John McDonald said...

lovely one M

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, Magyar,

but I can't understand : I don't find "catbirds" in Harrap's

Talon speaks about "circles of life"...

"catbird" : oiseau pour le chat ?
Struggle for life ?

Est-il question d'oiseaux qui se font capturer par le chat juste après leur naissance et d'autres qui survivent pour pépétuer les cycles de la vie ?


Magyar said...

Thanks, Marcel.
__It may be listed in the dictionary as Grey Catbird, we refer to them simply as Catbirds.
__I'd watched this nest since it was first built and the eggs were lain, now the young have flown.
__From nest to egg to flight... their circle... changeless.


Lorraine said...

You have such a loving way about you :)

Anonymous said...


Sam!! said...

Liked this one.. :))

Take care

Gillena Cox said...

paradoxical and intrestingly worded


joo said...

Lovely post Magyar and lovely 'food for thoughts':)

Frieda said...

It's wonderful to be able to observe a nest from the beginning to the happy end...because you can never be sure that the little ones will fly away safely (I had a sad experience once).

Hal Cantwell said...
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Hal Cantwell said...

the sense of being part of the web of time in this wonderful. to feel this connected to the endless little changes that make up the all emcompassing changelessness is special.
reading it cannot but bring out a smile