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Sunday, October 3, 2010

__Thursday was wild and windy at the pond; a summer's bird nest had 'fall'en into our Chrysanthemums.
__October third, our thirtieth year of complete and loving compatibility!
............. Such a very Happy Anniversary, Kathy!

fall winds
on this bed of mums
bird nest


Cindybrown said...

Happy Anniversary!!I had my 28th last month!!. Loved the haiku, I love this time of year!!

TALON said...

Happy Anniversary! We celebrated our 30th this past June and I still can't believe it's been 3 decades - it seemed to go by so quickly. I hope you and Kathy had a fabulous celebration!

Timoteo said...

30 years...that's remarkable. Congrats!

John McDonald said...

congratulations to you both and to you on the haiku

Lorraine said...

so beautiful Doug,congrats to you and Kathy xx

Devika said...

Happy Anniversary, Mrs and Mr. Doug :)

love those "mums," very nice haiku! (hope there were no eggs splash :)

(recently i saw a bird's nest fall on a squirrel's was fun to see the little one :)


हेमंत कुमार ♠ Hemant Kumar said...

Happy happy and happy Anniversary..and it's really very Nice haiku---.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! That must have been a very late bird!

BB said...

A birds nest
Pushed by a strong wind
Lands upon the Chrysanthemums.
A sure sign
Of many years
Filled with bliss and hapiness
Still waiting to hatch
A scent of flowers...

Happy Anniversary dear friends !
Love from Portugal

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and many more!! How blessed you are to experience complete and loving compatibility!

Beautiful, descriptive 'ku, as always, dear wordsmith.

My Halloween Haiku series has begun! Spooktacular fun!

Magyar said...

__My dear friends, I [no!] WE, thank you all!!!!! Sincerly, _m and K.

Magyar said...

...and Dev, good to see you've returned to us! Mr. Doug!

Devika said...

Young-eyed Mr. Doug, I dougt,pardon my spieling and spelling, I doubt you are seeing things a little late!

hey, just in a mood to kid, Thanks Magyar (more comfortable with your pen-name :))

And where to go from here, if not return and turn?