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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanks, Jens... moonlight.

within this wall's shadow


joo said...

I always admire your haiku, as always:)
have anice start of the new week!

TALON said...

So beautiful, D.

Devika said... long as the heart beats...

Good senryu, Magyar :)


Devika said...

Oh! i must say my comment was so for a reason,

in one of these days, i dreamt my death....i woke up at midnight to check if the most used muscle was still working :))


Lorraine said...

I've lived this so often, an wrote it my way, I love yours too

Magyar said...

Joo... with the haiku you choose for your photos, the word -admire- as a grand complement! Thank you!

K... As you write, you say this is beautiful? I'm honored!

Thanks Dev... A muscle in which, we never want a cramp!

LL... in the shadows, sometimes the only thing to follow, is our heartbeat.
__I thank you, my friends. +m