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Friday, December 31, 2010

I pose a toast to you all... as we pass through the squeaking gates_! ;<)

on icy paths
we close these rusted gates...
tomorrows' call


Lorraine said...

must close the gate, I like the allusion here Doug, Happy New Year x

Kelly M. said...

the rusty gates of 2010 -- ah, yes! a new arc of time begins; hope runs high. . .

Happy New Year to you! :-)

Magyar said...

... close the gate.
__Walking forward; by not allowing that on the far side of the Gate to control your Gait, each step is new.

__Lorraine and Kelly, I thank you both... your konstant kindnesses. _m

TALON said...

Beautiful, Doug.

Happy Happy New Year to you and Kathy! May 2011 be a wondrous year!

And I so look forward to reading a new year's worth of beautiful words here...

joo said...

Rusty gates close and new promising one open! Beautiful:)

Anonymous said...

Yes,that is the best way to begin a new year.
Hope yours is wonderful.

John McDonald said...

lovely stuff M

Devika said...

A good one, Magyar, :)

closing the squeaky gates
the sleepy cat
jumps over the wall


Janice Thomson said...

Each step taken is the chance for a new beginning - let yesterday's mistakes remain in the this haiku Doug, and where its thoughts take me.

Anonymous said...

Icy paths, and rusted gates are in good juxtaposotion to tomorrows' call.
This ku is opening wide. Well done.

Best wishes for 2011

T.Migratorius said...

such a wise poet you are. Happy New Year!

nora said...

Happy New Year, Magyar, and happy birthday!

Magyar said...

__Talon, Joo, Sandy, John, Dev, Janice, and Rudi... I thank you and echo, with pleasure, my good wishes for a Great New Year to you all!
__Terry... glad to see you've rejoined us in the blog-o-sphere and Happy New Year to you as well!
__Nora... with your plans for the New Year, I'm confident all will be grand! Have a Happy Day today!

Frieda said...

That's a wonderful goodbye to the old year.
Happy New Year to you!!

susane said...

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