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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I wonder... from whom came the foot prints; the snowman?

fresh fall
this new snowman
foot prints


John McDonald said...

well caught M

Devika said...

haven't read many 'snowman' haiku this year....may be the first i guess, Magyar :)

footprints -
leaving unanswered
question marks?


Lorraine said...

lol I hope so, nicely put Doug

Magyar said...

Thanks John, and Dev.

Foot prints, standing in line.

Devika said...

but who follows the queue with life's questions?


Magyar said...

Thanx LL!
__And Dev., has noticed a similarity... the foot print, and a question mark.

Devika said...

yes, dear Magyar...that was what i meant with my first comment :)


Frank said...

A moment nicely captured...

TALON said...

This was so neat, Doug. Now I'll be keeping a keen eye on the snowman that the kids down the block built. It might decide to do a little wandering!

Janice Thomson said...

I like this enchanting haiku - and where it leads me... :)

Magyar said...

__Good to see that you are back!

__Glad! Snow 'people' can be quite immmmmmaginable! Kathy and I remember one from a few years ago, it was built in a little different fashion... kind of "moon-ish."

__Thanks! Where ever it leads you, I'll be there.

Oh Dev... if you return here, please notice the time of day that this haiku was posted: 2 the time... is it 2 accidental, 2 odd,
or 2 the point?? ;<)

Devika said...

Coincidence is what i may call that Magyar...But "Every single moment is a coincidence" ~ Doug Coupland

a coincidence that your first names match? :)

a coincidence that i read the quote only two days before?....and that was while reading about zen and the art of haiku? :)

life is full of paradoxical coincidence?


Gillena Cox said...

under blue skies
the snowman wears
a scarecrow's hat

...much love...

Anonymous said...

Just someone getting a better look, or if it was Lorraine or me, taking a photo.