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Friday, February 18, 2011

Half sleep.

a muse
collects in rem
that collage awakened
may carry to an empty page
this pen


TALON said...

I hope so - it's wonderful when a dream produces a beautiful idea that sticks around and flourishes in the daylight hours. Gorgeous, D!

Devika said...

A writer's dream....nice Magyar :)

may all the eight muses carry us all into empty pages; and when pages run out...and pen goes dry...may we share a page or a pen :)


Janice Thomson said...

The words flowing from your pen make us laugh, ponder, agree with, and cry even. The sublime inner voice of inspiration seems close to the surface in your case Magyar. :)

sandy said...

Well, I am glad it got to paper. Mine sometimes slip away before I get them down.

Magyar said...

__K, Dev, Janice and Sandy... I'm
'red faced,' by your too kind comments, your praises that step far beyond my own self-evaluation!
__Many things spur my thoughts, this Cinquain erupted as I read Maxine Beneba Clarke, perhaps you'd consider a visit there? The link, at my post of Feb 10th.
__Again friends, you honor me!

Timoteo said...

What an enchanting description of the creative process!

Lorraine said...

and with all that, you can write in the dark, love it

moondustwriter said...

the muse gets more done when we let her wield the pen I find

Delightful and nice to meet you through Talon's site

Gillena Cox said...

beautifully wrought cinquain; reminds me i should revisit the form in my writings; much love...

John McDonald said...

well crafted M

Magyar said...

John, I thank you, knowing you understand!

Gillena, I'm not sure Ms. Crapsy would approve of content/style here, but I'm glad you do! I think, perhaps, Cinquain should grow in popularity. Write some, dear friend!

Lorraine, I'm sure you know by now... I'm always -in the dark-.
Smiles to you!

Timoteo, I sure... you know this feeling! Thanks!

Moondustwriter, welcome!
__Thru K's blog too, I have visited and enjoyed your site, though with out leaving comments... and that, now in embaresment, I admit. I truely thank you!


susane said...

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