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Friday, April 8, 2011

Another old scribble. Not to worry, the bird escapes; smiles, nature at work!

this robin
tugs the caving earth worm
a cat creeps


John McDonald said...

well caught M

Frank... said...

A well captured moment, Magyar...

Lorraine said...

ah life and the food chain...but God is good :)

Gillena Cox said...

as yes, yet another renditon, this circle called life, and how well your haiku catches the moment and expands it into the periphery enclosing the life circle; much love...

TALON said...

This is the food chain at its best, D! :)

Janice Thomson said...

Excellent Magyar
How little we humans understand much less appreciate nature's delicate balances. Love this.

Judie said...

My goodness! That cat was out awfully early, wasn't she!!!

BB said...

The Cycle of life
Moves on

sandy said...

Yes, that is how it goes. You notice, we never worry about the worm.

Magyar said...

John, sometimes the 'stones' just fall into place; thus, Frank, by accident or design, the moment is captured.

Lorraine and Gillena, that chain and its links, that circle of life returning into itself... happily bound to this creation plan!

K, I'm so glad we see things from the same 'eyes,' and Jan... I think many of us understand this balance, but some are too consumed with the -artificial- things of life, that -life- becomes unnoticed.

Judie, your magical assumption that the cat was a -she- and in that circle she, most plausibly, was supporting her litter.

Sandy, I wonder what our -soils- would be like without the worm, anyet, in truth, I think more about the da-gum pestulance of the mosquitos!

BB... and yes:

we follow
to return in this curl
once more

__I sincerly thank you all, such understanding friends! _m

Judie said...

My son had a cat named Frank. He would only drink water out of a glass, and he loved to try to steal my spearmint gun out of my mouth. Thanks for your comment on my post!!!!

BB said...

Magyar just a quick note on the latest comment you made on my Blog:

My friend, you can comment wherever you want whenever you want !
It´s always great to read different points of view.
I find that not only to educational but also constructive.
Your Portuguese is great,much better than my English anyway !
I´m still doing a Ton of errors and my English is far from perfect.

Crafty Green Poet said...

very well done!