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Friday, December 2, 2011

This...  is an echo I recently left at a friends blog; I think, here, the implied time is that 'eternal' season. _m

an owl counts
when the moon catches a star
this traveler


TALON said...

I loved it when I read it on my blog and I love it here, D. That is gorgeous!

John McDonald said...


Lorraine said...

So wise, so imaginable, well done Doug

Anonymous said...

This one hits me just right, too, Magyar.

Frieda said...

Simply beautiful...

Gillena Cox said...

the more i read it, the more i like it

much love...

Anonymous said...

Hi Magyar,

I would like to send you a variation - more minimalistic:

an owl counts
when the moon catches
a star


an owl counts
every star
the moon is catching

I think "the travelor" is not necessary. For our german haiku-rules these words are to much interpretation.

I invite you - whenever you want - to send me some critical proposals. Really it does help me to develop.
Sometimes i miss exchange of ideas in my blog - as people do in a forum.

Best wishes

Magyar said...

__I sincerly thank you all, my friends!
__And Rudi, I appreciate and understand your gracious view; I fully believe in the simplicity of haiku nad senryu. Here, I saw the moon as the traveler/catcher of the stars, and the owl... just keeping score.
__It seems haiku guide lines are different from language to language, place to place and, in fact, from person to person.
__Thanks Rudi... !_m

Warren said...

YOu need the traveler here, Mag - makes it that much more special, at least to my way of thinking (which may or may not be good).



Anonymous said...

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