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Friday, March 2, 2012

Departure # 12

__I wrote this when I was seventeen, October, 1960. I think now, we are all looking for the first two lines of the third stanza; the change cycles continue... unchanged. _m

*Rose Red Trees*

Rose red trees
Flecked with gold,
The colors of clans
From legends old.

Warmed by the sun
Through a bitter fall day,
Withered by cold
And wafted away.

Then green we see
In season's sun,
To rose red again
Life's cycle run.


Bob Bushell said...

Very nice haiku.

Tikkis said...

the sun
is a rose

(Nothing to do with, but "is" in Swedish = "ice", and "Ice" in Finnish = "jää" meaning also "staying" .-)

polona said...

deep enough for a 17-y-o, and it still has merit :)

Magyar said...

__Thanks Polona and Tikkis... I certainly appreciate your views.
__Bob, I know the haiku of which you speak... my comment at your bird photo blog. I'll leave it here too.

a swan poses
her profile to this lens
the shabow

Thanks again! _m

Geraldine said...

absolutely beautiful. loved every line...

TALON said...

You were born with a gift, Magyar. I love the marriage of life cycles with nature's cycles. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

the long ago poem
reflections of youthful days
swirling visions stir


remember the day
bitter cold colors of light
i almost forgot

Frank... said...

Very nice, Magyar. It's good to revisit one's old work...

Anonymous said...

You would not want to see what I wrote at seventeen.
It is so nice that you can look back on your work.

Magyar said...
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Magyar said...

Thanks friends!

and Tikkis, ;<)

is is is
is isn't was
was was is
Is, is is.
Is, isn't was.
Was, was is.

Karol Rosiak said...

Absolutely beautiful. Thanks, Magyar.


Bill said...

my years
another shade
of spring

Magyar said...

Thanks Karol and Bill!
__As leaves, the years keep layering, each a different shade.