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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Some ways of telling time;  soon... .

pond shore
these robins and willows
a bell rings


Karol Rosiak said...

I appreciate this picture...


Timoteo said...

Been reviewing some recent posts I've missed. Which one gives me the most goose pimples? (Well, there's a rash of goose pimples throughout!) I think it's the one about the crow.


John McDonald said...

love it M

STOPS said...

on this old mirror -
spring's coming

STOPS said...

surprise on

Iris said...

Dear Magyar
robin is absolutely beautiful and clever,
willow is very nice,
church bells' ring I heare every day
outside my window
I live at the pond shore
you have drawn lovely pic :)
I feel the atmosphere
Thank you and best regards

Anonymous said...

Sounds like spring!
I am seeing lots of robins, too.

Magyar said...

Charles, glad you saw the whole!

Tim... the lonely crow!John, as always!

STOPS... you've added a new 'reflection' to 'an old mirror.' Welcome.

Iris... Kathy and I spend the summers at 'our pond.' We read 'it's time' every day.

T thank you all! _m

Magyar said...

__I (not T) guess I'd better -EDIT-more cloesly, Sandy... Missing you? Shame on me!
__The sounds of Spring, thanks!

TALON said...

I love watching the willows soften, their early gold such a welcome sign of Spring. This is lovely, D.

Anonymous said...
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Rita Odeh said...

Hello Magyar. It is interesting how you use three images in one haiku. Usually two images are juxtaposed. You have your own innovative style.