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Monday, June 4, 2012

Departure 14

__I first tried to discover  the -Secrets of the Sonnet- when I was in high school; I've been struggling with that discovery... since.
__In the octet I watch his sorrow, in the sestet I see her sorrow join with his, to create the contrary.


I stand apart, watching through your sorrow,
With tears, at the loss of a love begone.
You wander the circle, as you are drawn,
To that lonely search for your tomorrow;
With your mind so full, your heart so fallow.
In your eyes a lost hope of love's new dawn,
You silently stand, as a misplayed pawn.
This, your deep search, to forstall the barrow.

With offered touch, another's lonely goal;
I see her full glean, the deepened mire,
Beyond this surge of her lone desire.
She sends her full heart to your lonely soul,
And in joyful tone to sate your fire,
With her song of love, a steeple bell's toll.


Lorraine said...

I love it, I am so endeared to your words, pure poetry

TALON said...

I am applauding, D. Years back, I tried the sonnet and failed miserably and though I had a fabulous teacher at the time, the sonnet mocked me and you handled it masterfully.

"You wander the circle, as you are drawn," - that is gorgeous!

It's funny how powerful an attraction sorrow is.

Geraldine said...

So touching, so beautiful...glad I stopped in.

joo said...

So beautiful! I love it!

Kristin Riggs said...

Absolutely beautiful!


Gillena Cox said...

"the steeple bells" so many options intimated

much love...

Magyar said...

Oooooh! Friends, I thank you all!
__The subjects of the sonnet are variable, romance to politics;
their structure is tedious and restrictive to say the least. Each time I stumble over, and find one of my old pieces, my first reaction is: "Ugly... brother, that needs a re-write!"
__Boulding said, and I para-phrase, the labor of sonnets, has given birth to free verse.
Thanks again! _m