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Sunday, June 24, 2012

An evening at the pond; this,  an old one... may have been seen before. 

this rocking chair squeeks
each page


Lorraine said...

o I like so much :)

Gillena Cox said...

don't have a rocking chair; :)i'm reading 'Papillion' propped against my pillows in bed; don't have a kindle, still enjoy turning the book pages :)

much love...

Rachel said...

...dafür schenke ich dir mein schönstes Lächeln :-)

herzlichst, Rachel

Judie said...

Doug, I can still hear the sound of my grandmother's rocking chair on the porch when she rocked me. That rhythm will be forever with me. This is such a perfect piece, and very meaningful to me.

Frank... said...

A great combo of images. Your haiku is very immediate...

Anonymous said...

A good day to read! I see you noticed the finch, though.

Bill said...

I think that should be "squeaks." But the poem sings.

TALON said...

Oh, such imagery you weave in so few words, D! Just beautiful!

Sorry to be so late in commenting - I've had issues with my browser (it apparently doesn't like me or blogs).

Kristin Riggs said...'t matter. Always a treat. :)

Hope you are still enjoying your time at the pond. If I am outside, it's only to get in the water!


Kristin Riggs said...

I accidentally left off part of my comment. I love the great outdoors. What I meant to say is that RIGHT NOW if I'm outside it's only to get in the water... because it's so unbearably hot here already! :)

Kristin Riggs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Magyar said...

Always LL
__Gillena, Kathy has a Kindle. Too, I still prefer thumb prints on the pages.
__Rachel... so good to hear from you!
__Judie, in this world of such technology, some of the old things still have value... 'Print and the Rocker,' sounds like a great
-title- to me.
__Frank... Aha, you know the feeling!
__Feeders in view, Sandy, Just over the top edge-line of the book.
__Bill, a typo, one my ubiquitous failures; I think I'll leave it un-edited and thus, "a banner" to my humanness. ;<)
__K, at our pond... no "I-net" available, (Ah... the good, and bad of it!) I like the quick
'catch-ups... glad to see you!'
__Kristin... stay in that water, keep the heat away!

FRIENDS, I thank you all, back soon! _m