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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 years... today,  happy anniversary, Kathy!
__One morning, many, many years ago now, I stepped out of bed... immediately Kathy rolled into that newly vacant spot. I asked "are you cold ?" Without opening her eyes, Kathy simply said, "no, it just smells like you."  That moment, never forgotten. _m

each morning
her new day's gift
that smile


Karol Rosiak said...

This is beautiful.

Best wishes, K.

Frank... said...

That is very nice, Magyar...

Ashi said...

absolutely lovely

Sam!! said...


Glad to be back here again :)

Hope U doing great in ya life:)


Magyar said...

__Karol, Frank and Jens... I'm so glad you liked this entry... Kathy and I are so well in tune.
__Sam... I've been worried about you, and It's good to hear from you!
__I thank you all for your kind comments! _m

Lorraine said...

I wouldn't wish for any other present than the one you gave to your way, what a lovely lovely treasure

Lorraine said...

to your wife, geesh, I've been away too long

Magyar said...

Thank you LL!

Tikkis said...

Some morning my wife wakes before me up, goes for some cooking. I'm left in our bed, meditating as I put it.

Sometimes I take her pillow, due to from there I can see the rising sun through the curtains ...

The light reaches me.

Do you still sleep?
The coffee is ready!
she shouts from the door.

These beautiful mornings!

Timoteo said...

How lucky you one has complimented the way I smell lately.