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Thursday, October 11, 2012

__ At 'our pond,' we most often use our old fashioned glass percolator; so well do we truely enjoy the difference... that at this seasonal close of the 'camp,' our coffee pot has gone home with us.

a smell of coffee
lingers in this morning air
the glass top rattles


Lorraine said...

yes I love wind with my coffee, beautiful!

Tikkis said...

My aunt (r.i.p.) did coffee with a percolator! I do remember that waiting rattling and then my aunt called us: "Coffee, please!"

Meanwhile some nice talks. Now:

lazy morning -
some instant coffee

Sam!! said...


Thanks for sharing...:)

Hope U doing well..


Gillena Cox said...

have a good coffee Sunday

much love...

Bob Bushell said...


Magyar said...

Your visits and comments, so kind of you all! _m

Henrique Pimenta said...

café é bom
café salva