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Friday, October 19, 2012

We (I) change, as do the seasons.

this crow changes
flying in deeper shadows
a rusty leaf


Lorraine said...

beauty if you dare see it in the shadows, I can't always, but my camera sure does ;) beautifully written dear Doug

Tikkis said...


a flying leaf
passing a sitting crow -
windy afternoon

btw, there lived an Indian chief named a Sitting Crow, but I mean here just a single and wise bird.

The birds don't smoke.

Magyar said...

Thanks friends!
__From one of my scribble books.

a train passes
through this abandoned crossing
the crows debate

Commuters? _m

Gillena Cox said...

feet of a blackbird
rhythm of movement

much love...

Frank... said...

Nice contrasts of images, Magyar...

Kerkedijk said...

This really captures the darker colours of Autumn moving into Winter, beautiful.