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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A very eventful period these few weeks... holidays, birthdays, death days.

__Sisters, always together, chose to peacefully leave... during the same week.

Sue, the elder, was born in: 1908, and passed, on  1-10-2013;
Helen, the younger, my Dear Aunt, was born:   9-13-1912, and passed, on 1-3-2013

one hundred years
stepping to another lea
the sisters

... and a fine humored echo from Tikkis, his homeland Pub,
the -Bambu Garden-.

"Bambu Garden
 booking a free table
 for August 2045"


Tikkis said...

My father is now 95 years...
I wonder must I do something with my own 100-years jubilee?

Bambu Garden is the name for the pub nearby...

Bambu Garden -
booking a free table
for August 2045?

Lorraine said...

this intrigues me, love it

mypoeticpath said...

Long lives to celebrate not mourn but always a sadness with each passing too.

John McDonald said...

lovely tribute M

John McDonald said...

lovely tribute M

Frank... said...

A very nice tribute, Magyar...

Bill said...

Condolences, Doug

nursing home
a woman asks me
to guess her age

(The correct answer was 105.)

Magyar said...

__Tikkis... will there be room for me at your table?
__Ah yes, LL... the mystery of loss and time.
__Odd, isn't it Geraldine, that we feel guilt... as we laugh during the memories recall?
__John and Frank, I sense your deep understanding.
__Bill, your senryu echo says it all... that inner trophy... as she had reached that milestone!

__I thank you all... as I regain my 'ambient awareness!' _m

assneg said...

sister of life is death. inherent.

early spring
among last year's leaves
shoots of the ivy


Ralf Bröker said...

This is the moment, life fills a haiku. Fine work.