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Thursday, September 19, 2013

__Kathy and I recently returned... a week on the Western shore of Lake Michigan, days that surrounded the grand weekend wedding of our niece, and a fine family reunion;  as the Earth turns.

love's balance
this sum of revolving
new cycles


Lorraine said...

like everything else it moves, changes, improves, a revolving door... I love this Doug

John Mcdonald said...

well put and so true M

Gillena Cox said...

like this one; senryu i think

much love...

Magyar said...

__Thanks for your visits LL, and John... and Gillena!
__Gillena, we all have our own definitions of haiku/senryu, and that prompted my -maybe- label. My thoughts, correct or not, are... that personal relationships, and those of politics, religion, social/civil ideals, are the core of senryu. The 'religion' of nature, and its interaction with itself. and with our lives... is the crux of haiku. Thanks for your understanding. _m

Margie said...

Lovely writing (as always)

Family reunions and weddings, I love.
Must have had a wonderful time.

Happy Autumn

TALON said...

It's wonderful to have those times of mass family catch-ups. You summed it up brilliantly, D.

Tikkis said...

A friend of mine got a closed blog, where is a "checking line"; Q. 1+1 =?
If you are going to send something there you must ansver 2.

What about 1+1=3 :-?

I like the words 'revolving new cycles"

Leslie said...

great to be renewed by love's cycle

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