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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

__I have long followed my attraction to old stone walls, and the live's that had made them;  stone walls, "historic monuments to the souls that toiled, and we are their children." Walls may be hidden in newer forests as nature overcomes, but the souls are never forgotten.
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old stone walls
circle an abandoned well
this new forest


Anonymous said...

Life never stops!


Lorraine Renaud said...

Let nature grow through all the harm we've done, beautiful Doug

Gerald (SK14) said...

i can picture a similar scene

Rita Odeh said...

This is an interesting juxtaposition that leaves room for interpretation. Thanks for your visit and for asking your friends to visit my blog.

rebba said...

historic walls around abandoned wells art alive till kingdom come...again and again and again ...kingdoms doth come and go...history is created thus...i guess...quenching a never ending thirst...of minds obsessed...well well...well?!!