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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

__This is an old haiku 'echo' I left as a comment on Nora Wood's blog, many years ago. Her blog, listed here as -Haiku a Day-, has long been inactive.

bird song
from this egg's crack


Out of Sight L said...

oh my gosh you do haikus so beautifully, it's like tiny words of magic, bravo always Doug

Moonie said...

unruffled by spring
eyeing a piece of straw
a bit off key

hope you are enjoying the color and warmth my friend.

Magyar said...

Thanks LL, and Moonie__!

Nice to see you! _m

Jennifer Wagner said...

I love this one, Doug!

Frank... said...

From this egg new life & sunlight. Excellent haiku, Magyar...

Ygraine said...

I so love's like a breath of fresh ode to morning, through the life cycle of a bird!:)

Have a wonderful weekend.:))

Ipsita Banerjee said...

Love this. And the other posts. So many new things to learn.

Magyar said...

__Jen and Ygraine, so glad you like this... you've given such kind comments_! Yuh make my cheeks red!
__Frank your understanding visits are so well appreciated_!
__Ipsita... welcome! Please feel free to visit at any time I'll explore your posts soon. Thank you!
__I thank you all! _m

grapeling said...

the birds have fallen
mostly silent, awaiting
sun's full throated roar ~

Vesper said...

So full of hope! I love it. :-)