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Friday, June 19, 2015

This haiku, a recent comment at  Gillena's "Lunch Break" blog.  _m
__Happy Father's Day_!  To every Mom and their children, to my wife, my children and grand children, thanks for putting up with us... all these years_!  Smiles_!

warm rain
blurs the trees reflections 
pond side eyes


Gillena Cox said...

thanks for dropping in at Lunch Break Magyar; im always happy at your visits and sharings

have a happy fathers day

much love...

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love the blurred reflections!

grapeling said...

:) ~

Lorraine Renaud said...

Beautiful DD and happy father's day to you as well!x

Ygraine said...

Ah...those blurred magical...glimpses of another dimension...:)

Hope you had a truly wonderful Father's Day! :))

Magyar said...

I thank you all, my friends, Gillena, Juliet, LL, Ygraine and grapeling_! _m