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Monday, August 3, 2015

__Ah, this old tree and the stories it might tell.    The ink ?   _m

sap flows
such stories in each branch 
a bird's pen


Bhagya Shree said...

I love the imagery to the point :)


Rachel said...

Dear Magyar,
First of all I thank you heartily for your sympathy to my sadness.
Thanks for the pictures, I can give the by thy words.
You all just love and Good

sincerely, Edith

Lorraine Renaud said...

how lovely you are DD, not blogging but miss my friends....

Jan said...

Beautiful, _m!

As I read your words I pictured a mighty, gnarled Oak...
Its life's blood reaching for the upper most branches...
Carrying the stories this mighty tree has seen over hundreds of years and storing these in the Oak's many rings...
A bird's feather drifting down from one of its branches.
The quill to its paper~

Sorry...I do get carried away :)

Ygraine said...

Oh how I love the imagery in this one, Doug!
I, too, could vividly visualize an old gnarled oak as I read...and in my imagination I climbed high up from branch to branch...learning a new chapter in it's history at each resting point.
The bird's pen marks are there...but I lack sufficient skill to read their wisdom.
Perhaps one day, when my heart is more open...the words will become clearer...

Brilliant!! :))

Iris said...

I can imagine all these scenes :)
Brilliant haiku, Magyar :)
All the best. Iris

Magyar said...

__So nice to see you, Bhagya_ !!!
__LL, I hope you'll soon get rid of that infection! Your tree photo reminded me.
__Jan, ok, ok. You can get carried away anytime; yes, the quill is the bird's pen.
__"Y." After seeing LL's tree photo, I went back to my scribble book notes and
re-scribbled. this tree/bird/story, I still hear the bird's cues!
__Iris, the imagination can see, from the twig to the tree. Smiles!

I sincerely thank you all! _m

Magyar said...

__ My dear wife Kathy, lost her father just weeks ago and if my simple words have given you some additional peace, Edith, I can selfishly praise myself for having done, a little bit of good. We hope all is well. _m

Lorraine Renaud said...

Give Kathy, your dear wife a huge hug from me DD

sandy said...

wow, I love this haiku. ...the


I love your blog
is short and happy

Magyar said...

__Sandy and RECOMENZAR, you are entirely welcome and I thank you for your kind comments; shortly, I will visit you both. Smiles. _m

Gwil W said...

take up the quill
and write of trees
and life

audrey lefour said...

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