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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

__ Preparing for the next Green Season, my Hungarian grandmother's preparations were the promises, as she referred to them, of tomorrow's garden, winter kept in her Mason jars. Those promises were never broken. Smiles. _m 

seeds promise
in her mason jars


JFM/Jan said...

renewal season
tiny seedlings mighty trees
gardens of Eden~

We all need the promise of renewal _m... I like your grandmother's way~

Sandy said...

Your grandmother was a wise woman! I keep my spring in a shoe box.

Ygraine said...

So beautiful!
Grandmother's can't beat it...:))

isabella kramer - veredit said...

love these memories a lot, brings my own beloved grandmother back.

first daffodil
grandmother's gift
to me - always

Gwil W said...

Words of wisdom
And promise. A
wonderful tribute.

Magyar said...

__ Such heartful comments! I so sincerely thank you all, Jan, Sandy, "Y", Isabella, and Gwilym! WOW_! _m

Magyar said...

__ The AC loss, due to the storm of 3/2/2018, has just now returned... and now we'll have heat soon; other folks far less lucky.

Geraldine said...

Oh how lovely! This brought a smile to my day Magyar, thank you.­čśŐ

Hope the weather isn't too bad there. The eastern weather report for the U.S. looked pretty wild.

I'm still waiting to get to Cape Cod, my dream destination for many years.

sandy said...

ahh i like this - can't wait to get some potted plants.

Crafty Green Poet said...


Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,

auch meine Omi, ja, meine Eltern noch, machten es so wie von dir beschrieben.
Und ich treibe auch den Fr├╝hling voran.
Ich bin wieder hier, du Lieber, ich hatte schlimm die Grippe. Aber alles wird gut.

F├╝r dich beste W├╝nsche
von Herzen, Rachel

rosy123 said...

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