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Sunday, June 14, 2009

_At Past Tense, Andrew's most recent good posting has brought to my memory this... scribbled in my notes a few years back; one word, I trust, will be offensive to no one.

far lightning
above the soft thunder
my dog farts


Devika said...

offence or no offence,

this made me laugh, Magyar!
perhaps the reason is--i kind of fart when lightning strikes! :)


Ashi said...

Well so do mine, I dont mind that either :)
BTW thanks Magyar for lending your space back there - problem solved.

Dalloway said...

so many things to say here magyar... ultimately a very funny image

Anonymous said...

Funny. I can imagine. The dog was anxious. I have a dog as well.
Here we are:


Cindybrown said...

Oh How funny!! Good laugh for a Monday morning :)

Frank Williams said...

A very humorous haiku - I love it...

Gillena Cox said...

one of the funniest dog ku's i've read

much love

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

ha!!! I sure wasn't thinking of that!! :)

John McDonald said...

I love it too M

Lorraine said...

LOL I am soooo NOT offended I love it ;)

Timoteo said...

It's nice to have a dog because no matter who is guilty of this, you can always blame it on the pooch.