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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm off on a tangent today. I was fifteen when this was written... then, I had aspirations of becoming a bard when I grew up; fifty one years later, nothing has changed. ;-)

The world is in my hands,
Mine are scared and stained
By the blood and gashes
Of past mistakes.
The future will cleanse and cure them
To preserve the evil that lies within,
For without evil there can be no good,
And good is the paradigm I seek.


RBroeker said...

Yes, I find myself in your words. Like many others will. It is the thing we did not do which drives us, isn't it, _m?

Best wishes

Devika said...

Nothing changes, Magyar....To me it seems, its only a passage, a predestined passage that we walk our folly thinking that we are the masters of our fate,

I could relate except for the regret of the past...I embrace every moment of my past with love and gratitude...even what may be the evil,

I wonder what evil were in you at 15 to write this! :))


John McDonald said...

well expressed M

Lorraine said...

Born to poetry, isn't that lovely...and nothing changes THAT is perfect ;)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

you're still the same! :)
I have a few like this way back at the beginning of my blog. I love to see how I thought then.

haiku-shelf said...

I like your poem, Magyar!
This "But" in the middle is so important! It changes all!

Best wishes,