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Friday, June 19, 2009

Home for an instant: Through the summer, holly leaves turn yellow then fall away... quickly replaced by new green.

yellow leaves
this holly changes clothes
a finch


Devika said...

Very nice, Magyar :)

"quickly replaced by new green." -- I like that! :)


Lorraine said...

wouldn't it be wonderful if we could shred the old body and add a whole new one, in the same 'season'
I love this Magyar :)

Cindybrown said...

Very nice :)

John McDonald said...

good one M

nora said...

a beautiful metaphor, Magyar!

Gillena Cox said...

like the jutaposition, the finch like us keeps our persona while the leaves can change

much love

RBroeker said...

I see him watching the scene - as if he could follow this change of wear. Like it, _m.

Best wishes

Magyar said...

I humbly thank you all!
_Yes the finch, that subliminal yellow.
_American Gold Finches cluster in the holly, planning their approach to my... nearby feeders. Sometimes the finches -leave-. _m