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Sunday, June 28, 2009

I look for those things of time, the flowers of now... from then, and the remnants of that that was.

tiger lilies
reunion of timeless friends


Devika said...

This reminds of a classic story in Malayalam turned movie by one of our internationally recognised movie-makers.."Mathilukal" -- "The Walls" (as translated) -- the blooming of love between two inmates in jail..on either side of the wall separating the men's prison and women's --

I think it won many international awards...and also competed in Cannes..

anyway, "timeless friends" -- I think friendships are timeless...but not all remember that....

and this stonewall -- it somehow seem to suggest that the world doesn't like timeless friends..and builds separations...I could be wrong,


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very nice :)

Ashi said...

I like your timeless friends

John McDonald said...

love it M

Lorraine said...

it's beautiful, natural love never dies :)

Anonymous said...

Hallo Magyar,
I've got a problem with your text, because it's very shortend. I read three fragments. And the second line seems to explain the fist line. Following the haiku theory of Jane Reichold it should to be composed of phrase and fragment in a juxtaposition. So I cannot decode the three fragments. I'm sorry.

Magyar said...

_Ah Rudi, there is nothing for which you should be sorry, I welcome critical questions! This was posted just hours after it was scribbled into my notes; I AGREE... it should have had some 'adjustment' prior to posting.
_Yet... daily we can read 'honored' haiku that are complete sentances in their triplet lines, and thus, more aphorism than haiku.
_If I may borrow the words of an aquaintance, Geert Verbeke, "I am not a Master" I am but an eternal student that thanks you, Rudi, for kind your interest. _m

nora said...

The ephemeral alongside the eternal. May your true friendships be the latter. Well captured, Magyar.

Dalloway said...

lovely image

RBroeker said...

In my eyes line two is a hinge which ends line one and begins line three. Missing punctuaction could be a hint to this (perhaps ;-).

@ Rudi: Our task is to open haiku every day - and for sure Mrs. Reichold is not unhappy that we try to go on and on.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

"Eternel student" - yes, Magyar, that's it. So do I feel as well.
The comment of Ralf opens wide for me. The second line: a hinge. Good idea! I didn't see that! So I can read the ku in a new way. Thank you, Ralf, also for your idea, that Jane Reichold would like our efforts.

Best wishes

Magyar said...

I thank you all, and Dev... what a thought... falling in love through the prison walls (that we all sometimes believe we are within)