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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Team work.

a hummingbird
hovers with the bee
one blossom


Devika said...

Oh that was teamwork, Magyar!? :))

well we try doing all the while, only to fail due to differences, ego and what not!

ignorant ones --they should succeed! :)


Devika said...

forgot to say, Magyar -- good haiku :)


Cindybrown said...

Wonderful:) I love hummingbirds!! i just watched 2 fighting over my feeder. They are so fascinating!

Frank Williams said...

What a super haiku!

haiku-shelf said...

What Devika said, was my thought too: that was teamwork! Yes, it's really a good haiku.

Tikkis said...

That poor plant
got only
one blossom

RBroeker said...

I know these little ones only from TV. But I can imagine: two workers working very hard. No share, no saving account, no pension fund - just the result of everyday getting up and go on. Good one, _m.

Best wishes

Gillena Cox said...

enjoyed this very much

much love

Dalloway said...

greta choice of words and what an image... who won I wonder?

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Love the imasge I got as I read this. Maybe I should take lessons?


Soft love,

John McDonald said...

great one M

Lorraine said...

What a beautiful song this duo must have made did they share? I love this :)

Laure said...

Magyar, i have often seen these two delighting in sweetness together. this haiku is excellent.

Timoteo said...

Happy to have found your site--I so enjoy haiku. Will be stopping by often.

Magyar said...

I thank you all for your kind comments, and 'Catnip?' thanks for stopping bye... always welcome! _m