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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nora... urged I post this, this private note to her, and the connective haiku comment I left at her blog, and that I conjoin them... as haibun. This, a recollection, then, of times passed, and I thank you, my young friend!

_We visited my father's grave as often as we could, he in North Western Connecticut, and we here. During those nine years I noticed no changes in that unpretentious country graveyard, or as some would call it, unkempt.
_Then my mother joined him; the day after her funeral, and only then, I noticed her freshly cut name and date... in the moss and ivy, and mold of their darkened cairn. Odd, how things can grow and change and be so unseen until that one instant of reality.

ivy and moss
on this old stone
a new name


Kristin Riggs said...

This is a powerful observation about human nature. Isn't it amazing how old things become new in an instant sometimes? I was thinking about this very concept tonight as I was walking. I'm actually trying to write a poem about it right now...hopefully you will see it on my blog later tonight! :) Beautiful work.

Devika said...

Yes, beautiful work, Magyar :)

I think reality is what we try to escape...yet seek all the while...paradox of human nature!


Cindybrown said...

This so touched my heart....

Lorraine said...

How wonderful of you to express it all so beautiful in just a few lines, you are impressive my friend!

T.Migratorius said...

Today I saw an interesting comment on another blog...I had to come see who you were! What wonderful poetry you have here.

...until that one instant...
this haiku captured it beautifully.

All the Best,

nora said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad you did it. It's a stunning gem. Thank you, Magyar.

John McDonald said...

great on M

Magyar said...

Home from the pond, I thank you all for your comments... and welcome to my new friends!

RBroeker said...

I like this very much. The haiku is ... so green.

Best wishes

Gillena Cox said...

This is as beautiful as it is sad

much love

Bill said...

This is beautiful.