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Saturday, August 1, 2009

_To my niece, Maureen, her husband Jason, and our Grandnephew "Jake" we offer our deepest congratulations; soon a new Son and Brother, and for K and I, a new Grandnephew!
_Too, we extend our good wishes to the waiting Great Grandmother, Grandmother, and Aunt! (My post of July 16th was -not- a premonition, but yet... this is a sequel.)

life begun
grows in his time before time
this son


Devika said...

Nice Magyar :)


Lorraine said...

What a beautiful announcement, a new life, wonderful news and lovely way of writing it, :)

Dalloway said...

lovely... and the best bit is yet to come

Laure said...

the second line of this verse is powerful for me. congratulations!

RBroeker said...

Yes, line two is great, _m. Congrats!

Best wishes

nora said...

Congratulations and great haiku!

Gillena Cox said...

Best Regards