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Sunday, October 18, 2009

An echo, as generated by Nora's fine post of Wednesday, Oct. 14.

half life
in last night's dream
a river


Devika said...

Yes, nice one, Magyar :)

there's a fine flow of life in this they say you can never jump in the same river the second time....dream or real,


Anonymous said...

The river is this river leading us towards the river's mouth, towards the big ocean without frontieres, our final destination.

I would like to recite a haiku of Hubertus Thum, our great German haiku poet:

rowing in silence
towards the river's mouth
towards the moon

Unfortunately I did'nt store when it was published by Mainichi Daily News, Tôkyô.

Best wishes

Kristin Riggs said...

Love this, _m. :)

quarter life-
fighting against
the river's flow

(This seems to be where I am right now...late twenties...busy time of life and I find myself struggling to stay a float some days...but wouldn't trade a second!!! :)

Lorraine said...

Those dreams carry me, I love this magic I mean _m ;)

Ashi said...

Nice one Magyar - I have taken note of this one and Nora's to - maybe there will be some outcome of it- it certainly gives some thoughts.

Magyar said...

I thank you all!
___As a quick note: There has been some activity at -tinywords- for those interested... perhaps a visit and comment there... would add weight to Dylan's effort.

Devika said...

Dylan -- don't know who that is, Magyar...and Tiny Words -- never been there,

can you give me the link?


Magyar said...

sure... ...

Devika said...

thanks and been there Magyar-- slightly short of time to read archives, but then i'll be there :)


RBroeker said...

@ Rudi:

@ _m: For sure the fundamentalists wouldn't accept this verse to be a haiku. And of course I am too far away from knowledge to judge. But whether or not: I do like this poem a lot. If it is taken as it is it opens an often forgotten field of perception.

I fell
behind my children
last night

Best wishes

BlueJayEye said...

wow, rich in symbology, i like it!

T.Migratorius said...


Magyar said...

___Well Ralf, this has always been labeled -senryu-. There is no kigo, and, in my mind, this is far too 'inter-personal...' to be out there with the 'nature' of haiku.
___I've yet to... cross the river.