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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

my rushing heart
this message of the lost
in songs of my tomorrow's wish


Kristin Riggs said...

Very nice, Magyar. I become lost in songs all the time (and also in thoughts of the future)...I can so relate to this!!!

Devika said...

Very nice, Magyar :)

the last two words --
Wish and believe....a way to work on dreams, i guess....very much possible to get lost,as the stress on 'Believe' --

in fact i can go on and on dissecting this word by it Magyar :)


Lorraine said...

music is a great soother or tormentor, I love this _m

RBroeker said...

Probably it is a song you've written. Didn't we listen to and talk about anticipation in the last days? Here is your's, _m, isn't it?

Like it very much!

Best wishes

Magyar said...

__Yes, Ralf... it is. _m

BlueJayEye said...

masterly finetuning of words - superb!