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Friday, December 25, 2009

A fresh snow often seems to purify, to calm and quiet, and those can be welcome changes; the silence after a busy, and happy day.

fresh snow...
this mountain brook's


Kristin Riggs said...

flawless....the snow and your words. Beautiful, M_!!! Merry Christmas, my friend.

joo said...

I wish we had fresh snow here! Haiku is beautiful.

Hiruta said...

Beautiful haiku, thank you.
I love fresh snow too.
Best wishes

bonequinhoda bic said...

The seagull often chases waves
In the rumbling sea of Cape cod
I asked her If she was not afraid
Of the anger from the wind and the wave
She said...
I call the wind father
And mother to the wave
Why should I be afraid of my parents ?

Thankyou for visiting me !

Magyar said...

__Kristin... your praise is beyond my skill, thank you!(Ooo... don't stop!)
__Joo, thanks, and you know this was generated by one of your fine photos!
__Hiruta San, I'm so pleased by your kind visits and comments!
__Bicando, welcome! ...and your comment has the flavor of a 'Koan' that may once have been spoken by an ancient Nauset clansman.
__I sincerly thank you all. _m

Carlos Gesmundo said...

The brook could be bubbling under the ice - happy about the new snow.

Great haiku.


Gillena Cox said...

a serene haiku, very vivid

Warm wishes as the season continues

much love

Lorraine said...

so beautiful, I heard described similarly in a spiritual book...there are little musical murmurs in brooks, I love this Doug!

Devika said...

That's beautiful, Magyar :)


John McDonald said...

love it M

Timoteo said...

I went where there was snow (which is rare in Arizona except in the higher elevations) on Christmas day...building snowman and snowball fights--it's good to live that again...your poem captures the feeling nicely.