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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Again, looking ahead as winter begins to fade, a scribble from last summer.

a sip of wine
beneath the holly tree
this catbird


Lorraine said...

brings backmemories, maybe If, like you, we serenade spring Dear Doug, it'll come sooner ;)

Devika said...

catbird, catfish....and then the cats themselves...I like how they appear in your poems :)

& coincedence I was reading my journal of last June...and selected one for posting...just in the look out for a picture :)


Frank Williams said...

We don't have catbirds in the UK, so I had to look it up. I get the impression that they make a wailing sound. A nice juxtaposition of images Magyar...

Anonymous said...

I am thinking celebration.

Talon said...

This makes me feel so nostalgic and peaceful at the same time.

RBroeker said...

Catbirds imitate other animals, the Hülskrabbe (Ilex) helps against witchcraft. So I see your lyrical I travelling from the rim of your glass onto the river of your drink into the land of ... somewhere. Very nice.

Best wishes

Emma Dalloway said...

wonderfully poetic!

Dianne said...

hmm, a catbird conjures images, nice choice.

Sam!! said...

Nice one... :)

Best Wishes,

iriz said...

weather changes seem to affect our mood. hope you enjoy what lies ahead. :)

have a good day Magyar! :)

Magyar said...

__Grey Catbirds are mimes, mockers of sorts, echoes to which I relate... their common voice, a muew. Most of their time is spent unseen in the under-growth as they seek existance. But, I've found them quite friendly, and as I speak to them, they answer... my summer friends.
__I thank you all for your very kind comments and visits!
__Welcome Iriz! _m

Gillena Cox said...

love to look at birds myself; they are such beautiful creatures

much love

Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,
Now I read so much when you
and I like very, I come again
Welcome, Rachel

Timoteo said...

Winter came and laid
its soft blanket
o'er the land

Spring, refreshed from slumber
lifts its head
quietly from the sand

Magyar said...

Gillena... I thank you, your visits and comments are always welcome.

Tim... I love your comment, seems echoes to a recent comment at your blog, and this post.

Rachel, Welcome... please feel free to visit at any time, danka and lieber to you all! _m