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Monday, February 15, 2010

snow melt
streaks down this window
the cat's paw


Devika said...

This made me smile...quite wide, good one Magyar :)


Magyar said...

Ah... the inside cat, pawing the outside drips 'the -otherside- of a glassy story.' Thanks Dev... it made me smile too. _m

Talon said...

I love how involved in a moment a cat can get. You captured that. I wish our snow would melt!

Lorraine said...

aww catching that elusive snowflake, I love it

Gillena Cox said...

interesting juxtaposition

much love

Frank Williams said...

Nice one, Magyar...

Magyar said...

__Surface tension of those -drips-
from the melt... and the cat's paw,
Thanks, Gillena! _m
__Instant involvement, then, a mesmerization that lasts about two minutes, thank you Talon.
__LL... dogs and cats, hunting sno-flakes, and when CATch them... they don't know where they went! I like the "Li'l Dev" too!
__Frank... as always I thank you for your observational commments!
__As always! _m

Devika said...

yes, glassy stories from Glassy storeys....Hope it doesn't end with broken windows :)


bonequinhoda bic said...

A Oak Leaf
Floats on the pudd
On top of It
A little frog
Dreams about Spring

Namaste my friend :)

John McDonald said...

enjoyed this M

Sam!! said...

Nice one!!

Take care

Ashi said...

Nice one Magyar, observing our pet, they do what they do for our benefit, I sometime think ;)

bonequinhoda bic said...

Sorry, where it says Pudd, I meanted to write Puddle.