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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I referred to her silently as "Shelly," but, of course, not in class.
__It was 1959 and Shelly was an elderly, High School English teacher; as a sophomore, with extreme misfortune I was assigned to her class. She pulled and pulled, and I hated every moment. As a Junior I was in her English Literature class, I hated every moment. Senior year? I chose to enroll in Shelly's Creative Writing course, an optional class, and I hated every moment.
__Shelly never taught me how to think as she might think, or to dream as she might dream, to write as she would write, or to understand as she understood. She taught me to think as I would think, to dream as I would dream, to write as I would write, and to understand as I would know.
__ She once said: "A poet can only put marks on the page, it is the reader that must interpret the dream."
__Shelly was a teacher, long before the word 'imprint' became a synonym for 'educate'.

the teacher
pulls the student from the root
a tree spreads


Talon said...

Really fine teachers stand out in in our memories. And I smile reading this because what you say is so true - we don't like it, but they really show us how to think for ourselves and that's a gift that lasts a lifetime. Did you ever get to tell her what an impression she made?

Magyar said...

Oooo, I speak badly Talon, but in my way I was able, and she knew.

Dianne said...

very dramatic punch at the end, I jumped up that tree!

Kristin Riggs said...

Awwww, Doug...this one truly tugs at THIS teacher's heart. Love it. It also gives me hope. I have a little boy in my class who claims that he hates school...especially MY CLASS where I have the audacity to make him read and write every day! Maybe someday he'll see the worth in that. :)


Lorraine said...

Wow Doug, this is special, obviously she saw the creative genius beyond the pride and stubborness...I love this dedication to a very special teacher

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

This post is very touching! I truly liked it very much!!



Magyar said...

Bhavesh...welcome, and thank you!
__In my best (or my worst?) phonetic spelling:
__Kaa say ho, Bhavesh! Su kree aah!
aou jo. _m

John McDonald said...

excellent M

Timoteo said...

Nice...I like what she said about poetry.

Margie said...

I came over from Lorraine's blog as I see you there and you leave great comments.

Wonderful dedication to your teacher.
Loved it!

Margie :)

Lynn said...

Magyar -

Thank you for stopping by my blog! And I love this post about a teacher who had so much impact on your life. More teachers should be like Shelley...

Anonymous said...

One teacher can make all the difference, can't it? I love stories like this, and your poem, too.

Magyar said...

__I hope you all are aware of how much I have appreciated your visits, and your understanding of my ramblings!

Diannne, Still in the tree?

Kristin, I know you'll teach him "how to," and not "what you."

Lorraine, thank you, but "creative genius?" And you say I'm comical? ;<)

John, old friend, I sincerly thank you!

Tim... we so often think on the same path. Footprints

Margie, I thank LL, that you and I have met!

Lynn, thank you for the visit, you are always welcome... and I do love that photo!

Sandy... I hope you know how much I like your -nature haiga-. Daily visits!

Greatfully! _m

T.Migratorius said...

This is a MOST excellent haibun! Wonderful. Shelly would be proud!

Sean Jeating said...

Now, if not here, where then?!

Sometimes dropping by via Janice (Drinking the Moon), reading one, two or five or more of your haikus - some of them leaving me cold, some causing the corners of my mouth starting an expedition to my ear-lobes, some encouraging me to ponder about this and that I'd otherwise perhaps/probably not have come to think about - I felt tempted to leave at least a short com(pli)ment. Chapeau!

Why would I have hesitated?
Laziness? ... Hm, yes.

Anyway, I might not comment again, Magyar*, and I am pretty sure that you could happily live without; however, I do wish you to know that whenever sometimes visiting I do appreciate most of your words.
Thank you.
May words always come easy to you.

* Hungarian? No need to answer. I am just curious.