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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The sleet, rattling at the window, sure sounds like popcorn poppin!

sleet rattles
against these window panes


Lorraine said...

Ready for a viewing, I understand things so much better now lol

Talon said...

That is the best description of sleet! Next time I hear it, I will actually smile instead of curse.

ABQ Annie said...

Very nice description! Will come back later and look at a few more.

Anonymous said...

It does pop like corn! Love the idea, but you can keep the sleet down your way.

Timoteo said...

I could also think of this as popping some popcorn to enjoy watching the sleet come down!

Sam!! said...


Take care

Gillena Cox said...

appealing to both sight and smell; if you're popping corn while the sleet is falling, there the cold outside and a nice toasty setting on the inside

much love

Magyar said...

__I sincerly thank you all... your visits and kind words. Now, who wants butter on their popcorn?