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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Last Saturday even'n... at the pond.

stars hang
in this spider web
a night's dew


nora said...

bellisimo, Magyar!

TALON said...

You even manage to make spider web's into things of beauty :)

TechnoBabe said...

Normally I would not care for anything to do with spiders; however, this haiku goes beyond the earthly fears and I can appreciate the dew on a web.

Hal Cantwell said...

very evocative of the connection of all things

Kristin Riggs said...

Love it, Doug. Another beautiful image here! I can always see your scenes in my mind...what a gift you have for that!


Frieda said...

you created a beautiful image.

Anonymous said...

Une belle image

John McDonald said...

excellent one M

Lorraine said...

Every drop as beautiful as the next, I love this Doug :)

joo said...

It's my favourite so far!

Timoteo said...

Lovely...and like many of yours, open to interpretation. I like that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Magyar,
please allow me to write a variation.

spider web
in every dew drop
the starry sky

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Just the right amount of magic! I like this one very much.

BlueJayEye said...

like how my mind's net catch this dewy picture

Gillena Cox said...

a diaphanous sight; wonderful

much love

Magyar said...

__My friends! Of your kind comments, I thank you all!