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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This, a comment, left at friend Nora's blog.

at my ear
this mosquito...
spilled wine


Anonymous said...

I'll bet the mosquito didn't spill it!

I shouldn't be laughing, but I am.

TALON said...

I loved this! Made me think of two different scenarios - spilling blood from the mosquito's bite and then actually tipping a glass as you try to spill mosquito blood. :)

bonequinhoda bic said...

Lol,Today i was having a conversation with a friend that had similarities with this Haiku.
It was about our ability to call someone´s attention (so that person could have some awareness of something wrong or bad about her,him) without hurting their feelings.
We came to the conclusion that it was like telling someone they had a mosquito on the cheek and we would volunteer to get rid of it.
Well, some people would slap the other person really hard on the face some would just gently blow it out and some would use a baseball bat.
We couldn´t stop laughing.

John McDonald said...

love it M

Karol Rosiak said...



Lorraine said...

it's wonderful, made me chuckle, I love the way you write what happened without any precision, and I know exactly what you mean lol

Magyar said...

__"Without precision." [?]

__Wow... such a very precise way to explain the essence of these forms, haiku and senryu, lovit! _m

Warren said...

I can just see this, Magyar - hope it wasn't expensive wine or I'd be lapping it up. Good 'un, m' friend. Warren

Devika said...

Great company! :)

This made me too laugh ,


Carlos Gesmundo said...

Loved this, Magyar.


Anonymous said...

What a pitty to spill wine because of a mosquito! Damned!
I feel for you!
Best wishes

Tikkis said...

those thirsty mosquitoes!

Hal Cantwell said...

all too often

this connects everyone
to a moment both instant and timeless and a smile of self awareness

full of the essence of haiku