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Monday, July 5, 2010

....."pistol journalism"

__This 'title-phrase', as I see it, was written by Louis Vance in his loosely historic novel "The Dead Ride Hard," first published in 1926. I draw a simile between that phrase, and politics.
__Oh... some 'humor' attempted here! _m

spewing the schemer's jumble
these grackles


TALON said...

I like this a lot. And using the grackles is an inspired touch, Magyar.

Devika said...

interesting one, Magyar :)


Lorraine said...

and I bet the politicians are responsible for the fact that you won't see this comment...they're inside blogger, I just know it ;)

Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,

leider kenne ich das Buch nicht, aber du wirst es ganz genau richtig durchdacht haben, das weiß ich jedenfalls genau, lächel...

herzlichst, Rachel

Anonymous said...

grackles works for me!

Janice Thomson said...

Grackles is a perfect choice - love this Magyar.

Timoteo said...

I like the departure into social commentary.

John McDonald said...

enjoyed this M

Magyar said...

__Ahh, that incessant din of
words having synonyms >that lead to other synonyms with entirely different meanings<.
__The politics of >Synonymism<
__One meaning here: "I sincerly thank you all!"