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Friday, July 16, 2010

__Silence, may seem "indifference;" silence, though, allows the listener of that silence... to reach their own resolution... without the harmful imprint of the "silent's" thoughts and words.
__I sincerly wish you a very Happy Birthday, Daughter Jess! Much love, Dad.

of these silent years


Devika said...

Happy B'day Jess....and nice poem Magyar:)

silence resolves without harm, yes :)


Rachel said...

...dann gratuliere ich deiner Tochter doch auch gleich ganz herzlich zum Geburtstag..

herzlichst, Rachel

TALON said...

Silence can indeed be golden, as can your haiku, Magyar.

I hope your daughter has a beautiful day.

Anonymous said...

Jess is one of my favorite names. As a parent, I know sometimes silence is best. Good poem.

Gillena Cox said...

oh yes across the miles and megabytes Happy Birthday JESS

much love

John McDonald said...

delightful gift M

Lorraine said...

sadly beautiful, beautifull sad, not sad at all ;)

nora said...

Silent praise here, dear Magyar.

Janice Thomson said...

and in the silence comes our best moments...excellent write M.

BlueJayEye said...

heartfelt verse here, my birthday greetings to your daughter sir.