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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'd invite you all to visit Jen's photo haiga blog... Ashi-2, as listed to the right. _m

screech with each stroke
this seagull


Anonymous said...

Nice! I did go look, and am interested.

TALON said...

I loved the photo inspiration, Magyar. This haiku was the perfect accompaniment, Doug.

Lorraine said...

Oh my gosh that's wonderful, well done Doug

Anonymous said...

The noise of oarlocks corresponds well to the screeching seagull.
Interesting composition!

Best wishes

John McDonald said...

nice one M

Cindybrown said...

Very nice!! I did go look and I love the idea of that blog!

Sam!! said...

Nice one!

Take care

nora said...

Very well-painted image, Magyar!

Gillena Cox said...

thanks for the referral to Ashti's haiga

much love

Magyar said...

I sincerly thank you all! _m

Janice Thomson said...

A unique comparison _M. The noise of gulls at our lake during summer is astounding - they're all gone now so will probably be a short autumn.