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Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Abstract Deductions." Yes, Dev, your "wayside chapel."

a spire
reaches above the soils
this traveler


Devika said...

hmmm....Good one, Magyar! :)

vital is the journey, destination not dust shall we return,


TALON said...

This was so beautifully evocative, Magyar.

sandy, from gardenpath said...

love this image!

Lorraine said...

through dirt..the journey, you are so inventive Doug :)

Devika said...

i read it as popping up from the dirt to walk over the soil though, Lorraine....may be with water at one's disposal...through the journey,

Magyar...writer's intent, please? :)


Devika said...

my interest, obviously, because it is *Abstract Deductions" :)


Magyar said...

Abstract... Conceptual.

__A steeple reaches above the earth on which the traveler roams; always open to the peace of that traveler.
__Safe-Haven for the traveler... from the 'soils'[human 'soils'] of the earth, those that would do harm.

__Each reader... has an altered >concept< of that that they read; I think that's why senryu is more difficult to write... and read, than haiku.

__Thanks, Dev! _m

Devika said...

thanks Magyar :)

Yes Magyar...I thought it had something to do with "wayside chapel" -- maybe thats why i came up for a clarification,

And yes, i knowingly talked about the more literal aspect of this... there's more to it when the two haiku are read you said it here, now,

And yes, senryu is a form, i don't think i would touch....i find it too difficult to put it paper, though i enjoy it much -- i like what calls for a self-analysis,


Ralf Bröker said...

It moves. It doesn't. It does not come closer, though we walk since hours. And here it is. And we have another five kilometres to go ...

and when we arrive
still walking

Best wishes

BB said...

Light spiral
The unicorn
Pale light at dawn
Unseen by non believers
I touch it
And weep.

Henrique Pimenta said...

Nem só flores brotam.