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Sunday, October 10, 2010

As inspired by Lorraine's post... seen on October 9th. _m

at night
the moon streatches my shadow
this pond


Ralf Bröker said...

When I see the moon his light gives me another body. I am not this heavyweighted human being anymore ... What a great sight!

Walking through the night
looking for my shadow

Best wishes

Cindybrown said...

I love this!!!! Great imagery!

Frank said...

Lovely imagary, Magyar. Shadows are strange things...

Lorraine said...

Now I can really appreciate the magic of your words

Anonymous said...

So neat to have a moon shadow!

joo said...

I love moon and I love your haiku!

Devika said...

walking in the moonlight
my shadow walks
ahead of me

Nice haiku, sometimes stretches so much that one forgets to swim :)


Warren said...

Gorgeous, as always - you continue to excel with your poetry, my friend!


Reza said...

nice one.... i translated it for your Iranian Reader in ;)